Is Your Mac Running Slow? Here are simple Ways to Speed up Mac Computers

top img1 Is Your Mac Running Slow? Here are simple Ways to Speed up Mac Computers


Is your Mac running slow and you’re so worried about it? There are so many reason why this can happen and one reason might be is how the way you handle and use your Mac computers.  One good solution to resolve this problem is to upgrade the RAM of your computer but before you invest in this costly upgrade you can consider the following tips that might helps to speed up your Mac.

Why is My Mac Running Slow?

The OS X allows the Mac users to optimize the new operating system that rooted its development from the old UNIX that has multi-user capabilities. The UNIX uses file ownership and permissions on the other hand that usually changed by applications and other programs in the system. And when this happen some programs may close unexpectedly and others might not even load properly. This already causes slowing down of Mac’s performance.  To speed up the process the Repair Disk Permissions utility can be very useful. This is normally part of the Apple’s utility programs that correct the ownership and permissions that have been changed. This can also correct other program errors.

Speed Up Slow Mac Easily

Doing this is quite simple, just open the Disk Utility Program found in Applications then look into the Utility folder. Then choose the First Aid Tab on a row of tabs. The disk and volumes on your computer are shown on the left list so you only need to click the boot volume. However if the options to allow the disk permission is disabled you need to enter first both the system administrator username and password. If you already have you administrator privileges you can now proceed with the Repair Disk Permissions button.

More Ways to Speed-Up a Slow Mac

Aside from this, you can do other things to speed up your Mac computer. Literally, it is best to close any applications that are unused because programs that are running simultaneously can be one cause of its slowing down. A simple restart at regular intervals will also solve the slowing of your computer. You can also clean up your Startup Menu items by simply navigating to Apple Menu then click the System Preferences, Accounts, Login items and then select the applications that you want to remove.

Other things that can improve the performance of your computer are by updating the System Preferences. Turn off other unnecessary applications that you don’t need such as the Universal Access, Speech Recognition, Bluetooth and others. Update your applications because some might not be compatible with your latest available patch. Clean out other unnecessary code in your software this does not only make other applications to run faster but allows you to save more disk space. And lastly remove unused languages and clean your hard disk on a regular basis.

“You don’t need to worry about your Mac running slow”

You don’t need to worry about your Mac running slow because there are a lot of possible ways to speed up Mac computers. You need to consider first a lot of things before buying into new RAM just to upgrade your computer system. Some cheaper tips might do the work for you without the need to spend too much.

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